Theme Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Company in Birmingham, AL

When considering which direction to go with your upcoming kitchen remodel, it’s always fun to choose a theme you love and run with it. Here are a few different themed ideas for kitchen remodeling in Birmingham, AL.

Urban themes are highly trendy right now – you can never go wrong with sleek, modern gray and some tastefully distributed urban accents! Don’t be afraid to consider some beautiful concrete counters for your kitchen. They’re versatile, sturdy and easy to clean, and they can bring a depth of character to your kitchen that other countertops can’t quite reach. Wood accents and steel appliances are great options as well, if you enjoy this style.

If you’d like something a little more ornate, consider going with a French theme in your kitchen. Your remodeling crew can pull this off by installing detailed copper, silver or brass fixtures, wooden countertops and ornate, provincial fixtures. Accent your kitchen with floral elements and soft gray hues and you have a beautiful French kitchen to enjoy.

Maybe you’d like to go with a theme that has bolder, brighter colors – maybe you should consider a southwestern themed kitchen? With kitchen remodeling in Birmingham, AL, you can achieve a beautiful southwestern feel by having the walls painted in sunny orange or gold hues, balanced by white cabinetry and rustic wood accents. Finish this look by hanging some beautiful, painted plates on the wall and your sun-kissed kitchen is complete.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a simple clean and fresh look. Opt for marble countertops, white accents and generous storage in your kitchen to be sure there’s a place for everything. You may even want to consider some modern, custom windows in your kitchen to give it an exquisitely fresh, sunny feel. Find out about your options for kitchen remodeling in Birmingham, AL today and start your journey to the themed kitchen of your dreams.