Great Remodeling Projects for Your Home

In the last 10 to 20 years, homeowners have let their creativity explode. While many remodeling projects are based on necessity, it’s also fun to consider renovations that are more about the thrill. Home remodeling in Birmingham can be as exciting as anywhere. While you should push your own imagination for the best ideas, these are a few remodeling projects that other homeowners have used to great effect.

Secret Doors

These exist solely for fun. Creative designers have hidden doors behind bookcases, in staircases, in closets and almost anywhere else you can imagine. Secret staircases are also rising in popularity, disguising themselves as kitchen islands and other seemingly normal parts of the house.


This might sound boring on the surface, but a little thought goes a long way. Staircases are an excellent source of extra storage, reaching far beyond the simple cupboard you might be thinking. Shelves can be added to the back of the stairs, while pull out drawers can utilize similar space from the side. Raising the floor of a room can make room for ground compartments that hold anything you need, even beds. Even for more conventional options, you can talk to a contractor about the possibilities of home remodeling in Birmingham.

High Ceilings

If your roof stands more than a few feet above your head, you have room for some cool stuff. Ceiling hammocks make for a comfortable getaway in your own home. Staircases with open landings can also be filled in to create an office, playroom or extra space for pretty much any function.

These are fun examples, but in reality you have options for simpler aspirations as well. If you are considering home remodeling in Birmingham, have a conversation with a contractor to see what they can offer. No matter the project, they can usually offer expert advice that will make the renovations safer and more durable.