Elegant Renovation Ideas for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the most “functional” room of the house, but don’t make its appearance an afterthought. You and your family may spend a large amount of time in the bathroom, whether it is for bath time, shaving or giving yourself a pedicure. Give your bathroom an elegant touch that is reminiscent of a spa. Decorative touches do not need to break the bank. Look for professionals in bathroom renovations in Vestavia Hills for advice on how to create your bathroom a makeover.

Consider details that you may overlook on a day-to-day basis, but which create a significant impact on your bathroom’s décor. A claw foot bathtubcreates a classic feel, and can be added without buying a new tub. Replace old handles with bright, sleek chrome varieties and pay attention to the small knobs on your storage closet. You can also get a new shower head with advanced features, such as massage options.

One thing that can make a bathroom look old and worn is a toilet that needs to be replaced. Contact a company that does bathroom renovations in Vestavia Hills for a selection of new toilets. Look for a classic porcelain toilet in stellar condition or go for a modern looking toilet in black or slate color. While you are at it, install a matching toilet roll dispenser on the wall beside the toilet.

If you are tired of having your bottles of shampoo slip and slide on the floor of the shower, have a small storage area installed into the wall. This small inlaid shelf can hold your items while you are washing your hair or shaving your legs. An expert in bathroom renovations in Vestavia Hills can replace tiles and create a space in the wall of your shower. You might also want to spring for new tile to change the décor of your bathroom. Look for an inexpensive renovation professional to lay your tile.