Bathroom Storage Trends for Your Renovation

Storage is a must-have for most bathroom spaces, needing space shouldn’t mean that you have to settle for ugly cabinets. Consider some of these options for your bathroom renovations in Birmingham, AL and add style and interest to an often-ignored part of the home, without sacrificing any function.

Add Marble for A Polished Look

Antique dressers, credenzas, and buffets can all be converted into bathroom storage. By the addition of elegant marble, which is found in many bathrooms, these non-traditional pieces of storage find a new home in the bathroom. By modifying an old piece of furniture and placing it in your bathroom, you will create a one-of-a-kind fixture that adds both style and elegance to your space.

Think in the Round

Round storage offers a unique and visually appealing way to add more space for bathroom necessities. Often offering height and a small footprint, oval or round cabinets can fit in places traditional cabinetry may not. While the circle is not new, it may provide creative and new ideas for your bathroom renovations in Birmingham, AL.

Choose Sleek Open Spaces

Open storage offers a contemporary-style, luxurious alternative to traditional cabinetry. Baskets can be added for color, texture, and privacy if necessary. Open shelves are convenient storage for towels, blankets, or beautifully contained toiletries.

Reach Out for Custom Cabinetry

More and more, cabinet builders are offering flexible options in their catalogues. If a manufacturer offers bathroom cabinetry that you love, but that is not quite the right size for your space, consider reaching out to the company. You may be able to have a custom piece built that will have the perfect fit for your home. A contractor may be able to help you find and contact a cabinet manufacturer who will build to suit your needs.

You don’t have to settle for traditional and boring storage during your bathroom renovations in Birmingham, AL. These on-trend bathroom cabinet ideas can bring the style of the rest of your home into the bathroom.